Averant Announces Comprehensive Self Paced Training

Oakland, Calif. - March 9, 2023 - Averant Inc., the First In FormalTM leader in property verification of RTL designs for digital circuits, today announces the release of a comprehensive self paced training available to customers free of charge. There are currently 49 modules consisting of videos, slides, design and verification samples. Developed by formal verification experts, these materials provide details on most aspects of using Solidify.

"This self-paced training has significant advantages compared to an in-person one: free, easy to arrange, scalable, provided at user's pace and convenience (say weekends or at home), more in depth, can be revisited as many times as needed, multiple engineers can be trained at different times, reduces support calls, and better highlights tool short-comings and workarounds" commented Ramin Hojati, president of Averant. "We believe this significant intellectual property allows a larger number of users to more conveniently receive training and at a deeper level with better retention facilitating wider usage with lower support and training cost".

"We were able to use the relevant training modules to quickly train one of our customers on a tight schedule" stated Yoshio Inoue, CEO of CDC, Inc. "Convenience, value and depth stood out in our usage".


These training modules are available immediately.

About Averant

Averant Inc. is a privately held EDA firm specializing in formal verification of digital designs. Averant's signature product is Solidify, a robust platform for property, protocol, and automatic design checks - all without the need for simulators or test vectors. Averant's tools are easily adopted into the design flow, and help improve quality, reduce risk, and speed the design process. For more information, visit http://www.averant.com.

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Ramin Hojati
Averant, Inc.

March 9, 2023

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